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Atwoli buys space to rant on missing out Obama’s dinner

Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli bought out half a page newspaper advert to rant about not being invited to President Barack Obama’s dinner at State House.

The full-colour advert is designed as a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta complete with a signature at the bottom.

Mr Atwoli justifies his rants by citing the President Kenyatta’s address during the dinner where he mentioned the airlifting programme that was engineered by the late Tom Mboya, who once served a Cotu.

“This could notably have been an error of omission or commission… the organizers should have seen the ambiguity in the whole address by Your Excellency in failing to invite the Secretary general of Cotu (K) at the banquet,” reads the letter by Mr Atwoli to President Kenyatta.


“How could the organizers omit Cotu (K) while remembered to pay special tribute to the most celebrated labour leader in Africa, the late Tom Mboya?”

Interestingly, Mr Atwoli continues to say Cotu was not complaining over the issue but raising it as a matter of “international concern” and knowing very well that the American workers had supported President Obama in quest for the country’s presidency.

The ad, which could have cost Cotu upwards of Sh 400,000, also reminds President Kenyatta that “employers and workers of this country who create wealth for all were indeed missing at the State House banquet”.

But that could be pocket change to the organization, which makes Sh160 million every month from its 1.6 members, who contribute Sh100 each.