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Avril features her baby in new song ‘In Love’ – VIDEO

By EVELYNE MUSAMBI September 15th, 2018 1 min read

Singer Avril has featured her baby girl in her latest hit single titled In Love, her first song since the birth of her daughter in April 2018.

The hit starts with a preamble of a clip of her cuddling her baby girl out is the sun.

Mother and daughter are captured enjoying some girl time as Avril sings:

“When I see you smile… when I see you laugh… these are the simple things my baby.”

The song then starts with a rich beat as she serenades her love with lyrics on how in love she is.

“Nishakuwa dhaifu kwa penzi ugonjwa… hata ukinikwaza sitokuchoka…” part of the lyrics go.

The beat and the video scenes match her love vibe complete with a shot by the stream where she serves some thick thighs as part of her post-baby look.

The video of the song is directed by J Blessing, who is the past been rumoured to be the baby’s father.

Avril has given Pace the publishing rights to the new hit with its video only available on their website and appears as unlisted on her YouTube page.