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Avril not sure if she is born again, denies moving to gospel

Music songstress Judith Nyambura, popularly known as Avril, has broken her long silence on the Saturday events that saw her repeat the sinner’s prayer.

The singer on Tuesday released a statement, through her label Kaka Empire, stating that she is not switching to gospel music.

She however steered clear of the salvation claims, and upon further inquiry by Nairobi News, her handlers gave no concrete confirmation on whether she is indeed born again.

A call to the songstress for clarification went unanswered, but Kaka Empire PR Manager Akumu Ang’iro told Nairobi News that “Avril has always had a personal relationship with God”.


Asked whether Avril’s action of repeating the sinner’s prayer on Saturday had any significance, Ms Ang’iro insisted that the singer was being prayed for, but declined to confirm whether it was the start to being born again.

In the statement sent by Kaka Empire, Avril confirmed that she was prayed for but denied any plans to switch to the gospel industry.

“I have always been very clear about how my faith is important to me. I would not be here if it was not for the love of Christ, so I had no objection whatsoever for the intercession from such powerful people in the ministry,” said Avril.

“The events however do not dictate that my career and strategy had an overnight overhaul. I continue to live my life in Christ as I always have through the guidance of my pastor and my mother who everyone who knows me, knows that she’s my rock in the word of God.”


Avril was over the weekend attending the national auditions for the ‘Dreams Come True’ initiative when a pastor guided her in repeating the sinner’s prayer.

She was later prayed for by another female pastor who said she represented her mother in the spiritual world.

The singer was however smiling cheekily after reciting the sinner’s prayer, an action that had many doubt whether indeed she had become born again.