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Baba Gloria Whatsapp sex gaffe excites KOT

Yet another gaffe on WhatsApp has resulted in Kenyans on Twitter cheekily discussing the conduct of a man who shared an inappropriate clip in a group meant to fundraise for a deceased person.

A screenshot seen by Nairobi News shows the said person, who’s been saved as Baba Gloria, sharing an explicit photo sent to the funeral contribution group which an anonymous member captured and exposed on Twitter.

The members were making contributions to send off one of their own before Baba Gloria accidentally sent what appeared to be a gif of a man engaging in intercourse with a woman, right in the middle of fundraising discussions.

Shortly after the blunder, the man was trending on social media under the hashtag Baba Gloria, culminating in a thread where Kenyans expressed their thoughts and banter.

While some were disgusted by the carelessness of the man, others took it as an opening to make jokes about the mishap.

In the tragic case of too little too late, Baba Gloria, identified from his WhatsApp profile name, was immediately advised by some members of the “Mr Njuki Sendoff Group” to quickly pull down the photo.

Here are some of the reactions expressed by KOT;

This incident comes a year after another gaffe involving a man of cloth namely Brother Ocholla on the same social media platform. Brother Ocholla is remembered for writing a romantic message to his loved one but then sent it to the wrong forum.

It is soon after that that WhatsApp introduced a feature to delete messages to the benefit of such people.