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Babu Owino in the soup after threatening to ‘shave’ Alice Wahome

By Amina Wako January 11th, 2020 2 min read

Babu Owino has drew backlash from netizens after he threatened Kandara MP Alice Wahome for allegedly disrespecting ODM leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Netizens found the Embakasi East MP language disrespectful with many asking him to pull down the post on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris said that the threats by Babu Owino amounted to defilement.

“Babu respect women. You can only shave your wife not a fellow legislator, or any other woman without their explicit consent. Any action to the contrary will be an act of defilement,” Passaris posted.

The Nairobi woman representative asked Babu to withdraw the threat because it was demeaning and beyond recognised political banter parameters.

“I am extremely disappointed with this post. Pull it down. There are boundaries we should not cross,” Passaris stated.

This is what other netizens thought of the post by Mr Owino.

Eric Ndemange commented,”It is ONLY in Kenya whereby popularity of a leader is measured by how He/she is good in insults”.

Hon David Kamau Chege posted, ” This is not the best time to be alive, how I wish that cryogenic preservation was real ? I would just like to sleep and be woken up in the year 2200 when all this crappy govt is done”.

“Respect other people’s opinion, it’s a disaster when an adult is suffering from adolescence hangovers. We expect better engagement from a leader of your age,” commented David Muchiri.

“Day in Day out nothing to be proud of as a youth in this country. Politics is a Cancer no cure at all,” posted Kibet Felix.

Erickoh Da Kelly said, “I pity those who chose you as their leader!! That’s not how you should advance your grievances?!!! The Uhuru u r fighting for is the one you worked tirelessly to stop him from being president, intact u once called him mtoto wa mbwa!!! Behave as a leader.”

Jett Otieno Ogogo posted, “If the like of Babu Owino are the type of people we’re calling leader’s in this country. …..Then Kenya is a failed state indeed.”

Joseph Njata commented, “When we have Babu Owinos as leaders, we should not expect much from the leadership. We are doomed. Bure kabisa!”