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‘Bad news’ for dead beat dads as 45-minute DNA test kit is unveiled

The Government on Thursday unveiled a first of its kind DNA test kit that will now take 0nly 45 minutes to analyse samples.

Government Chemist Ali Gakweli said the new hi-tech machines will enhance the analysis of samples collected from various scenes.

According to Mr Gakweli, the 3500 Series Genetic Analysers have already been installed in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa offices and they will help in clearing a backlog of cases that have been pending because of lack of capacity.

“The new machine can handle 24 stains within 45 minutes and this means the output is enhanced and we intend to work for longer hours to clear the cases that are now pending before courts given that the new machines have larger capacity and can analyse many stains within a short time,” said Gakweli.

He said the other machine used earlier could only handle 16 stains in similar time, adding that the 3500 Series Genetic Analysers are also the only ones which have the capacity to conduct skeleton remains analysis.

“The type of instruments acquired at Sh40 million are the first genetic analysers designed with a specific feature set and workflow for the Human Identification application. This means they can now conduct DNA analysis within a short period of time,” Gakweli said.


The machines will be put into use to solve many unsolved cases including murder, robbery with violence, rape and housebreaking among others.

“We handle both public and private cases. Let those intending to conduct DNA tests come to us now,” he added.

He said the government also intends to open a new office in Isiolo to address cases in the northern region.

The Government Chemist was recently moved from Ministry of Health to Interior where they will be working with Directorate of Criminal Investigation’s forensic department.