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Bad news, worse news and worst news for Akothee in just one day

We all have that one day that everything decides to go bad. For singer Akothee that day was yesterday.

According to her Instagram post, her day started with her steward losing his/her father, and before the dust could settle, she got the news that her father has been rushed to the hospital.

As if that was not bad enough for a single day, she got news from Turkana that a young girl she has been taking care of had broken her leg and arm after a drunkard man assaulted her.

Then when she was about to retire to bed, Akothee received news of her daughter being rushed to hospital.

However, with all the bad news she received in a day, Akothee was still optimistic for a better tomorrow.

She further asked her 1.9 million fans to pray for her and her family.

“If you think you had a bad day, don’t allow a bad day makes you feel like you have a bad life. Please remember us in your prayers ??????,” Akothee.

“You are a great person Akoth… nothing will harm your family.The Angels are watching over your family. Haya yote mapito. Hugs,” Cherono_Aaron commented.

“Dear God, we come before you asking that you stretch your healing hand upon Prudence and Mr Joshua. May the peace of God be upon you and your family. Amen❤,”Sally_Owino posted.

“Praying for you Madam boss. I will dedicate a special prayer for your loved ones. You are far too kind; God is with you.❤️❤️? @akotheekenya,” Kasiso_Czon wrote.