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Badi: I’ll not tolerate Sonko’s insults for long

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) boss Major General Mohammed Badi has warned Governor Mike Sonko that he might soon not tolerate the barbs and insults he throws at him.
Badi was speaking on Wednesday night during an interview on Citizen TV’s JKL show hosted by Jeff Koinange.
“He (Sonko) believes I am finishing him politically but I have no political ambitions. I have told him that several times before. In fact, he should take advantage of what I am doing by taking credit for it, but he doesn’t (because) he intends to fight,” said Badi.
He added: “The best way is to keep quiet, so he’ll keep guessing what you’re doing but I’ll keep on doing the work. I actually don’t entertain any insults or any accusations that he bombards me every week, the other day he calls me a brother, after a week I’m supposed to go to ICC (International Criminal Court). I don’t know how he intends on taking me to the ICC but I’ll keep doing the work for Nairobians.”
Badi also accused Sonko of frustrating his efforts by refusing to sign budgets approved by the Nairobi County Assembly.
“I’ve had to borrow funds (from the National Government) to work. I didn’t have any funds because the Governor blocked it.  The county assembly has voted for a budget, which the governor has rejected. Initially when I came in he refused to give me a budget… a few days before the end of the financial year, he signed knowing I will not make use of the money, he knew I had borrowed it and he was just offsetting what I had signed,” he sadi frustatedly.
Badi and Sonko have been at loggerheads since Sonko signed off some city county functions to the national government through a Deed of Transfer in the presence of President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi.