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Band Beca wow fans with new “Watch Your Mouth” video release

Your favorite girl band, Band Beca, have opened up 2021 with a hot new video titled “Watch your mouth.”

The band made up of Becky and Carol have been dropping hot tracks since their debut a few years back and are not showing any signs of slowing down.

The video, which clocked more than 50,000 views since it was released on their YouTube channel on January 11, has received positive feedback from the many fans of the duo.

Band Beca has come far from the days of singing smooth RnB songs to their newest track which has a high upbeat hip tempo, as Becky tries some smooth rapping while Carol sings out in a husky and  stronger voice that commands her audience.

The band, which signed with NaiBoi Worldwide back in 2019, has released more than 6 different tracks exhibiting how much the two ladies have grown musically from their previous works.

Their newest video directed by Trey Juelz is a work of art with well-lit backgrounds and amazing color lighting to match up.

The two glam up in different outfits from leather pants to red shorts to checked miniskirts to some eye catching party dresses.

“The reason behind this track was there has been a lot of talk out there about our band breaking up or our music is slowing down. This song is to all the critics to mind their own business and to watch their mouths,” they said when asked about the song.

They added that they are here to stay and their fans should expect more music from them.

One of the lyrics in the song goes “Kiherehere, perepere, domodomo, pilipili isiokuwasha wewe watch your mouth”.

One thing about the video is the presence of amazingly beautiful female video vixens with not a single guy present.

Band Beca also announced their debut album titled “Beca Fever” will be released in February.

Some of their fans on their YouTube channel had this to say about the song:

@TsumaDan “Kazi Safi Sana, you reminded of the Jamaican duo of Brick n Lace, got nothing but love”

@MunandiMarion “Good girls gone baaad mmerudi na ubayaaaaarrrrr”

@JosiahAbiya “This is big and better from Band Becca, and please, give us regular music please. You the onlygirl group we have”.

Here’s the video: