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Ben Carson cancels Kenya trip over ‘security concerns’

December 18th, 2015 1 min read

American Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has called off his planned trip to Kenya and two other African countries, according to US media.

Also axed was a planned trip to Israel, reports CNN.

Mr Carson was scheduled to visit Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia just after Christmas while the Israel tour was supposed to happen before the first caucuses.

Spokeswoman Deana Bass was quoted by CNN saying that the cancellations were necessary due to “security concerns”. Another spokesman Doug Watts said Mr Carson’s campaign made the decision Wednesday afternoon.


“There is significant security concerns,” Carson told reporters at an event in Iowa. “It’s classified information so I’m just going to say it’s too dangerous.”

The cancellation was reportedly “recommended by the Secret Service based off of briefings they had had”.

But many will see the reasons for the cancellation as a smokescreen since he has seen his chances to win the Republican ticket dwindle by the day. In 2015, Kenya has hosted the US president Barack Obama and Pope Francis without any security incident.

He had planned to trace his roots among the Turkanas in Kenya while in Nigeria he was scheduled to discuss issues surrounding the Boko Haram terror outfit. In Zambia, he was set to link up with former conjoined twins he helped separate;.

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