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Bernice, Samidoh’s cousin,reflects on her divorce

Bernice Saroni, a US-based Kenyan promoter has bravely opened up about the impact divorce had on her life.

Having relocated to the United States following the end of her marriage years ago, Bernice found herself navigating the complexities of starting anew in a foreign land while coping with the aftermath of her divorce.

In a candid TikTok video, Mama Boyz as she is fondly referred to revealed the difficult decision she made to leave her children behind for nearly a year as she sought to establish herself in her new environment before later reuniting with them.

However, Bernice’s journey took a darker turn as she grappled with the emotional aftermath of her divorce, admitting that she found herself on the brink of despair and contemplating taking her own life.

“Divorce is very messy and no one is ever prepared for it,” Bernice expressed.

Bernice emphasised the importance of self-care, healing, and acceptance in the face of adversity.

“Choose yourself, heal and accept… Dealing with divorce is not easy,” she advised, drawing from her own experiences of resilience and self-discovery.

Reflecting on her darkest moments, Bernice admitted:

“I was on the verge of taking my life… If I had stayed I would have died and it would not have been a natural death. I would have died by suicide.”

Yet, amidst the pain and despair, Bernice found solace in the unwavering support of her family and the determination to reclaim her life and happiness.

As she navigated the challenges of rebuilding her life post-divorce, Bernice shared her journey of resilience and self-empowerment, acknowledging the sacrifices and hardships she faced along the way.

“I had to choose myself and accept that I had to downgrade… If it was not for my family’s support and love, I’d be dead and forgotten,” she said.

Bernice gained attention when allegations surfaced suggesting she was romantically involved with Mugiithi artiste Samidoh.

However, it was later clarified that she is, in fact, the artiste’s cousin.

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