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Bishop Johanna speaks out, addresses his ‘exorcism’ tactics

Everything appeared to be going well for Bishop Danson Gichuhi aka Bishop Johanna, until a video showing him applying ‘deliverance oil’ on a female follower started trending on February 16, 2024.

The woman confessed that the demon she sought exorcised was that of her husband who had eloped with another woman. She had sought the services of a witch doctor who had applied medicine to her genitals to bring him back home.

As an ‘antidote’ to the witchcraft’s medicine, Bishop Johanna is seen applying ‘holy’ oil on the woman’s private parts.

Bishop Johanna, in a phone interview with Nairobi News, says he refers on the writings in Mark 5:9 where Jesus drove out demons in possessed people.

A popular figure in Murang’a town where he mostly patronises a local joint—walking with aide of crutches—to watch Arsenal play, Bishop Johanna says he is not fake “since I own the Christian Committed Gospel Church that has branches in Murang’a, Nakuru and Kirinyaga counties”.

He said he does not favour ministering in the churches, rather, he fancies attending to those in need in their homes “without discriminating since I attend to all tribes of this country”.

His Facebook account that at the time of this interview had 1,700 followers–before the video was uploaded he had 1,300 followers–has his mission statement as “deliverance and counselling the possessed through spiritual power in Jesus name”.

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He said he has been ministering the Christian gospel for the past 30 years but has been in the deliverance business for the past 24 years.

He says he gained popularity in 2014 when he confronted some tough demons in Kuresoi in Nakuru County that had defied and attacked 30 members of the clergy.

“I went after those demons disabled as I am, and as my fellow clergy ran away, I remained put and managed to subdue and order the evil spirits to depart from Kuresoi. That is how

I became a known force and trended in the mainstream media for delivering minds from possession of powers of darkness,” he said.

His disability, he adds, was a result of osteoarthritis, that demanded Sh600,000 for an operation and fitting with an artificial hip joint.

On why he is yet to deliver himself from his disability, Bishop Johanna said “there are diseases for the doctor and demons for the clergy.”

He said his faith is not against conventional medicine “and my arthritis that ate my hip joint is not something to be prayed for, it is for the doctors”.

The native of Nakuru County does not understand why people are attacking him as if he is a sinner. “I am only a fruitful tree being stoned by all and sundry and I am happy.”

About being seen groping female congregants in a manner likely to be interpreted as influenced by amorous motives, Bishop Johanna disputes this.

“In deliverance, a faithful won’t come saying the problem is in the head and you treat the stomach…You apply oil on the problematic area…the spirits were declaring that they had attacked her breats and genitals…that is where I had to cleanse,” he said, insisting that it serves the least of his interests to be randy “since I have my wife, children and a reputation to guard”.

In fact, he says one of the happiest souls “for that master class piece of deliverance for that woman was my wife who has personally congratulated me”.

He said he sees people appear in bars while naked but no one raises an eyebrow “but when I do something helpful in this life for my needy cases there goes the outcry”.

He claimed that the video has been beneficial to him since it has presented 30 more women who needed similar deliverance “and I am in this business till I die”.