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Betty Kyallo now changes tune on Dennis Okari

In a case of Saul turned Paul, media personality Betty Kyallo has praised her ex-husband, NTV news anchor Dennis Okari, saying he is a wonderful father.

The two seem to have patched up things and resolved to co-parent amicably, six months after NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu accused Kyallo of portraying Okari as an irresponsible father.


She revealed the latest development on Friday during an interview on YouTube with comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o.

The former K24 news anchor revealed that the two have since mended fences and are now on speaking terms as they focus on the most important person in their lives: their daughter Ivanna.

“Right now I’ve grown so much…the person who used to be Betty two or three years ago is not the same person I am today. There are things that we came to realize are very important about our lives; that it’s not just always about us as adults,” she said.

According to Kyallo, they are all including Okari’s current wife Naomi Joy, their family are in very good terms.

“So, yes, we are on very good terms with both him and his family and his wife…and we’re making sure that Ivanna is getting the love that she deserves; daddy and mummy’s love. It is so important to nurture that relationship between a dad and his little girl,” she added.


She said that Okari and his daughter have reconnected and now are besties.

“Right now they’re besties. I call her and she’s like ‘I’m with Daddy,’ and I feel good. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. He’s doing an amazing job and we’re co-parenting,” she said.

The ‘Flair by Betty’ boss and Okari differences came to the limelight in December when she took to social media and detailed her daughter’s long ailment and elected to thank several people including her colleagues, doctors, her daughter’s teachers, and friends for helping her out during the troubling times, but not her ex-husband.

Her narration stirred mixed reactions and it was Okari’s exclusion that particularly irked his close friend and fellow NTV anchor Mijungu. He said he had driven Okari to the hospital even on the day his daughter was admitted.

Last month, Kyallo was put on the spot by her social media followers after she uploaded a video on her YouTube channel in which she said her daughter, Ivanna, was preparing to go hang out with her father, Okari.