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At Betty Place, pay for your ‘choma’ using bitcoins

You can now pay for your nyama choma or githeri in a Nyeri hotel using bitcoins.

Betty Place Restaurant accepts payment in the cryptocurrency, but has put the minimum trading at Sh100.

The cryptocurrency is not recognised by the Central Bank of Kenya as a legal currency, and the government has discouraged its use, but it remains popular globally.

To pay using the virtual currency, you must have a blockchain wallet, a mobile phone application that lets you store, send, and receive digital assets.

The owner of the restaurant, Ms Beatrice Wanjiru Wambugu, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, says three people have so far paid using bitcons. They paid the equivalent of Sh4,000.

By current rates, one Kenya shilling is equivalent to 0.0000015 bitcoin. This mean she has earned 0.003 Bitcoin from her sales so far.

“We convert the local currency equivalent using the value of the bitcoin. The bitcoin can go up to the eighth decimal place, for instance 0.00000001 of a bitcoin. You can pay a bill of anything from Sh100 upwards.