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BLOG: 12 easy ways to drive your woman away

If you ever need to destroy your relationship, you can do it. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Demand for sex all the time
Yes, having sex in a relationship has never been a crime but the question is, how often do you do it? When you are too hooked up on your bedroom activities, you are bordering towards addiction. She may wonder whether that is all she is to you. Before you go full throttal on this fellowship, ascertain that you are moving at same pace. Most women do not rate sex that highly.

2. Turn-off the communication lines
Do you believe that communication is very vital in a relationship? Surely, it is on communication that other aspects in love are built and the moment it dies, just know that relationship or marriage is surely turning sour. Sometimes men are insensitive in their communication just because of the gender which puts off women. Always mind whatever you say and the mood in which you say it.

3. Bend the truth
Never tell her the whole truth. You should omit facts, hide your feelings, and lie to get out of obligations. Do not allow her to trust you because then she will expect more from you. Show her that you don’t have integrity and you don’t care enough to be honest with her. Keep her on her toes so she does not get too comfortable in the relationship.

4. Ignore her
Imagine you disagree in the morning before you left home and you probably did not even call, text or follow it up during the day. Find me a woman who does not like attention and we will re-write the books of history. The more you ignore what matters to her and resolve pending issues, the faster it will be for her to distance herself not only from you but the relationship as well.

5. Display a general lack of interest
In most cases, men desire to have women that can love and respect their relatives and friends unconditionally, sadly this is never reciprocated. But when you frown when her people are around, then you are rubbing her the wrong way. Moreso, if you go ahead to criticise them in her presence. Believe me, no woman will ever be happy when her parents and are undermined by her lover.

6. Get jealous and possessive
Poison the relationship by being needy, jealous, and controlling. Let her know that you are insecure and she should not have any freedom. If she asks to go for a girl’s night out, refuse and try to stop her from seeing her friends. She should be with you and no one else.
At the very least, make sure she feels ashamed for wanting to have fun. When she is away, call and text her constantly to check-in. Annoy her as much as possible, kill the mood, and distract her from enjoying herself.
Worry about her past relationships and remind her often. Tell her how hurt you are even though it was before you were together. Throw in a little resentment towards her as well.

7. Turn into a leech
Organising a home may be entirely a woman’s responsibility but it yields no shame if you offered a helping hand. This will be more appreciated when you are in-between maids. It does not sound right if you reclined in the sofa and let her do all the chores just because you are a man. Women are born multi-taskers, when you leave her to manage everything by herself, her mind will start doing mental work.

8. Cheat like there is no tomorrow
No woman will take pride in having a cheating spouse. Cheaters are heart breakers; they disorganise and always put their spouses’ health or lives at risk. This habit alone breaks the trust and once one loses that element just consider the relationship a gone case because it is very had to stick to such a person.

9. Let her take the back seat
We pretty much understand the fact that you adore your parents/ relatives so much that you wish them the best treatment while at your house. The only thing men forget is that even their spouses have the same adorable people but they never pamper them, but instead the husband. Women get so much irritated, it is like she is not important in your life.

10.It all comes down to money
Naturally, women were normally at the receiving end, they were meant to be given so, no matter how much money she has, she still expects you as a lover to offer her something, at least once in a while. Women prefer having creative men by their side.

11. Too critical
Criticism is good but how, when and where do you do it? Sometimes men lose it, they think they have it all and are the position to do anything at their convenient time. At times you end up embarrassing her infront of her children, parents and friends. Seriously, no woman will ever stand such an irritating man.

12. A mummy’s boy
You want to be “a baby” even to this woman but remember she is not your mother. You always run to your mother at the first incling of trouble instead of sorting things out with your partner. It is only your mother who will put up with this arrangement. So, if you value your relationship, then change your strategy of dealing with the lows that come with relationships.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor