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BLOG: Tips that Nairobi women can learn from Waiguru

Devolution and Planning cabinet secretary Anne Waiguru is the center of a storm over claims of widespread corruption in her ministry.

Still, even with the dark cloud hanging over her head, there are things that Nairobi women can learn from the saga. Here’s a look into some of them;

1. Your personal life – This is perhaps the most important asset that a leader can have. Being careful with the personal information that she shares. Truth is that details of your personal life can be what undoes not only your career but also careers of those working under you.

It is the first place the other side attacks in a bid to undermine your character. Details of your personal life can compromise your authority, guard them.

2. Be smart about social media – The world is riding on a wave of technology. Your social media activity defines you. In the event that you find yourself caught up in a scandal, resist the urge to respond the negative criticism online. Instead, work at creating your own message. When you finally make this message, stick to the same story line.

3. Lead, don’t follow – Being a leader means not allowing others to come into your space to run things. It means always having the reigns. Even in the midst of a scandal, look the part and maintain control of the situation.

4. No one is perfect – To be able to get to the top in man’s world, a woman will need to have an impressive CV and to work twice as hard. This however doesn’t make her immune from making mistakes.

Even the best of us will slip. What makes all the difference is whether you let this stop you in your tracks or whether you believe in your skills and capabilities to see you through these rough patches.

5. Cope productively – The natural instinct for the average person when confronted with a scandal is to lash back or to assign blame. Going on social media to express anger against those that exposed you is counterproductive.

The best thing would be to face up to the reality, to give a rational explanation and if there isn’t any, a genuine apology. Then work at regaining the trust of those whom you disappointed.

6. Find a way – Sometimes, when you are a leader, things get thick. You will come across challenges that may seem insurmountable. The difference between a good leader and a bad one is that the former will find a way to come up with solutions. Once you have owned up to the reality, begin to actively do something about the situation.