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Brazilian producer Zerb set to visit Kenya for “Mwaki” tour

Brazilian producer Zerb’s collaboration with Kenyan sensation Sofiya Nzau has become the anthem of 2023.

Thanks to ‘Mwaki’, the duo’s trending sound has afforded them die hard fans all over the world.

Before the song became a sensation, Zerb took to TikTok, capturing the moment in an Uber, saying, “I’m in an Uber, and I just realised that my song is going crazy viral, and this might actually change my life forever.”

Now, the life-changing song has propelled Zerb to tour Kenya.

Muze Club, a prominent venue, announced the grand homecoming of Zerb, the mastermind behind the global hit and Spotify’s #1 viral song of 2023, “Mwaki.”

The debut performance in Kenya is scheduled for Thursday, December 28, featuring Resident DJ Vidza and Hometown Heroes Dylan-S and Sir.Loin on the decks from 10 pm.

Zerb himself excitedly announced his visit to Kenya for New Year’s Eve on TikTok, expressing his anticipation to meet the fans and play “Mwaki” live with Sofiya Nzau.

Sofiya Nzau, living the dream of being an international sensation, shared her journey during a local TV interview.

Despite starting as a house help and hawker in Thika town, Sofiya ventured into music professionally in 2020.

She revealed that her husband, also her producer, encouraged her to pursue music as a career, with the condition of writing Kikuyu songs.

“I was a house help and a hawker before this. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I took a house help job before quitting in December 2020, then I started songwriting full-time,” Sofiya disclosed.

Her breakout track, “Mwaki,” infused with EDM elements, skyrocketed from TikTok fame to being played by DJs worldwide, making Sofiya Nzau’s journey from a Thika hawker to an international artist an inspiring success story.

After the song became a hit, Sofiya expressed gratitude towards Zerb and his team for ensuring she benefited financially from the success of ‘Mwaki.’

“We have an agreement to make sure I benefit from the song and its success financially, which I’m truly grateful to Zerb and his team.”

She clarified that Zerb rightfully utilized the vocals from one of those platforms to create the sensational track.

“Normally, the producers are not expected to credit the vocalists since the vocals are accessible to many. So Zerb rightfully used the vocals from one of those platforms and made the song,” Sofiya clarified.