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Breeder LW: It’s all hogwash, Octopizzo never raided my house

Kenyan rapper Breeder LW has once again revisited his beef with Octopizzo. Appearing to swallow his own words, Breeder (whose real name is Paul Baraka) denied an incident that happened two years ago, where it was reported that Octopizzo stormed his house in the company of three men and threatened his life.

Breeder LW spoke about the incident on the side lines of rapper Maandy’s album listening party.

“All that is hogwash, the focus right now is supporting Kenyan music. Everybody is doing well at the moment. Everyone has money right now there is no time for such in house fighting like we are broke. The mentality right now is different, much growth so everybody should just mind their own and do what they have to do,” Breeder said.

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Some last August, Breeder, via his Instagram account said he feared for his life after Octoppizo raided his house in a company of the three armed men who purported to be police officers.

Breeder said Octoppizzo had him questioned over character assassination following a short video he had uploaded on Instagram that seemingly was meant to attack him.

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“Today morning Octopizzo raided my house accompanied by three armed men purporting to be officers of the law and questioned me on claims of assassination of character. They then drive me around Nairobi, took my phone deleted my posts and posted an apology purporting to be me.

“After which they dumped me at Adams Arcade at exactly 4pm. I would like to inform and assure my loyal supporters that Iám of good health however I fear for my life,” Breeders said back then.

Octopizzo would later confirm in a podcast that indeed he stormed at Breeder’s house with the sole intention of warning him. Days leading to the incident, Breeder had been on Octopizzo’s case accusing him of buying views on YouTube.

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