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WANTED: DPP orders arrest of the cold-blooded brute filmed savagely beating up his wife – VIDEO

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Noordin Haji, has ordered for the immediate arrest and prosecution of a man caught on tape assaulting his wife in Makueni County.

The DPP’s order follows similar calls from outraged human rights crusaders who were the first react to the disturbing incident.

The DPP has  further directed that those who watched and participated in the unacceptable brutality to be also arrested and arraigned.

The 58-second long amateur video shows the assailant, identified as David Nzomo, raining blows, kicks and slaps on the defenseless woman, identified as Mwende Nzomo, as a small crowd pleads with him in Kikamba to rethink his punishment.

The man reportedly resorted to brutish violence over claims of infidelity.

Shockingly, in the video, that has gone viral, the onlookers make no effort to intervene with some only being heard pleading with the man to seek other means of resolving his domestic issues instead as opposed to beating up his wife in that manner.

But all this falls on deaf ears as the man keeps hurling insults while kicking the woman until she is left lying motionless on the ground.

Makueni Woman Representative Rose Museo and Makueni deputy governor Adelina Mwau joined thousands of online community and FIDA in condemning the “beastly” act.

“It does not matter what the woman had done to the man she did not deserve that kind of punishment. The man should be arrested and prosecuted,” said Ms Museo.


Those condemning the incident, which Nairobi News has confirmed happened on Monday at Iviani Village, also took issue with the witnesses who failed to intervene.

The woman was admitted at Makueni County Referral hospital with soft tissue injuries where she was rushed by Good Samaritans.

Women leaders in the county have since visited the woman at the hospital and sought an audience with Makueni OCPD who said police were looking for the suspect.

The assailant, who was described by his neighbours as a dreaded man, has reportedly gone into hiding.

In a tweet, FIDA said it was shocked by the act and called on the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett and the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to act “with immediate effect”.