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Catherine Kamau reveals pregnancy with hubby Philip Karanja

By Thomas Matiko September 24th, 2019 1 min read

Actress Catherine Kamau better known as Selina is pregnant with her second child 13 years later.

The self-proclaimed highest paid actress in Kenya had been keeping the pregnancy a secret until Tuesday when she decided to go public with the news.

Taking to her social media accounts, Cate said she and her husband, former Tahidi High actor turned director Philip Karanja, decided to go public with the good news to encourage hopeful moms and career women who are trying to decide between their family and goals.

“The cat or rather the baby is out of the bag. We are over the moon. We really wanted to keep this to ourselves but then again I remembered the many women on my timeline, hopeful moms to be, rainbow moms, career women trying to decide between family and your goals. I feel you this is for you. God’s time is the best,” she wrote.


Since walking down the aisle in a colourful wedding held at the Windsor Hotel on November 17, 2017, fans having been nagging her to get pregnant for Phillip who adopted her 13 year old son from a previous relationship.

Cate got pregnant with her first child at the age of 19 while in her first year at the Kampala International University in Uganda.

In an interview back in February this year with Sunday Nation, she said she was ready to get a baby for Philip from day one, however, her husband kept postponing the plans.

“Many thought I was delaying getting pregnant for my husband but he is the one who kept postponing these plans saying he had things to sort our first and put in place before we can proceed