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Chapati rolling Uhuru excites online community

By SYLVANIA AMBANI September 20th, 2018 1 min read

President Uhuru Kenyatta has excited the online community after a picture of him rolling a chapati with a rolling pin surfaced online.

The picture, which was shared on a Facebook private group Kilimani Mumz Udaku Zone, has left city women admiring the head of state’s erstwhile unknown culinary skill.

In the picture, President Kenyatta is surrounded by turban-clad members of the Asian community.

Infront of him is a table with a rolling board and the president is captured rolling the Indian Chapati popularly known as Roti.


“Our own President knows how to cook chapati yet you don’t even know how to stir Uji! Ulirogwa na nani naniii?” wrote an online user alongside the picture.

This received numerous reactions from other members of the group.

“He’s a real man,” wrote Lissaro Dinko.

“Kinya Riungu bring your cooking serefu here,” said Noordin Fats.

“Wacha aendelee kupikia warabu chapati wakati sisi wenye tulimchagua hatuna chakukula!” commented Ann Mwangi.

“Anapika kubus za warabu. Akuje apike mukimo sasa,” said Carlo Kamau.

“This man though,” wrote Lucy Auma.

“Maisha yake hayo, it’s no one’s business,” said Rebecca Moses.