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Cheers, jeers as Kenyans react to Miguna’s return to Canada

Nasa activist Miguna Miguna’s return to Canada on Monday brought to an end days of drama over his citizenship status that saw him re-deported last week.

The self-declared ‘General’ of NRM left the DXB Airport in the United Arab Emirates for Toronto, Canada on Monday at 12:30am.

Before his departure from Dubai airport, Miguna shared a picture of himself standing next to a man whom he identified as a senior government official of the United Arabs Emirates.

He praised the UAE government for their professionalism and human nature.

“Finally, the professional and humane side of the United Arab Emirates exhibits itself. A senior government official, Sheikh Khalid, is escorting me to go get proper medical tests and treatment arising from the barbaric assault, torture and chemical poisoning by the tyrannical Jubilee regime,” he posted.

On social media, his supporters and critics has mixed reactions to his move back to Canada.

“God works in a miraculous way. The spirit of a mother is greater than an ordinary person. What God has planned no man would destroy. Be protected by the Spirit for the prosperity this nation,” said Jeryy Amimo.

“Ask them to buy u another pair of suit my fren, one pair since you were deported….let them extent their humane way on that, I’ll DHL you my old ones I promise if u’ll fail to get one Mr. Stubborn head hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!” wrote Nirsir Timothy Koech.

“Dr MIGUNA MIGUNA your hat i s so loving.its the only thing which Neva left you in all ordeals you went through, quick recovery dea,” said Terryanne Chebet.

“Be healed my Brother Dr. Miguna Miguna. You are my Hero. You are what we need for this country to realize equality and oneness of the Nation. You have what it takes make this country embrace constitutionalism and true democracy,” said Patrick Echessah.

“My Sunday today. Just from church now…dedicated this day to miguna.. may God deliver you from the plans of the evil. It is well brother,” said Elvina Fedha.

“And have you also told ur silly ignorant followers how the humane uae officaila offered u nothing, bt 2 options: Canada or Arabian Jail…? Well, safe flight to Toronto,” said Kahindi Solomon.

“So when junior officials came earlier u resisted until a senior sheik came. U would rather suffer until kings and brigadiers visit u,” said Adam Kipkemei Menet.

“I believe you will be truthful if you say it right that they helped you board a flight to Canada after you produced your Canadian passport. Go well general,” commented Chris Kirego.


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