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Chinedu disowns one time lover Akinyi following her latest troubles

Anthony Chinedu, the Nigerian businessman who was deported from Kenya in 2013, has denied any links to Joyce Akinyi, the controversial Kenyan businesswoman who was his one time lover.

Chinedu has made public his position after a number of patrons were arrested drinking alcohol during curfew hours at Deep West Club that is run by Akinyi.


Chinedu, who shared a screenshot of a statement by the police linking him to the controversial businesswoman, said it is time the police disassociated him from Akinyi’s woes.

“What is wrong with this cops, eti what Akinyi Chinedu. They should please divorce Chinedu from this madness oh,” Chinedu said on Facebook.

According to Chinedu, Akinyi once insulted members of his family and it was not fair to be linked to her in anyway whatsoever.


Before he was deported, Mr Chinedu and Ms Akinyi were an item and police officers believed that they were linked to drag trafficking.

In 2009, the couple treated the public to drama when they bitterly exchanged words over the ownership of Deep West.

But in 2018 a court ruled that Chinedu owns 70 percent of the premises while Ms Akinyi owns 30 percent.

In court documents filed by Mr Chinedu, the two met in 1998, cohabited and sired two children before they formalized their marriage in 2004.