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Christina Shusho’s new song ‘Zakayo’ unites Kenyans

Christina Shusho’s latest track “Zakayo” has Kenyans in a frenzy.

Named after Zacchaeus, the tax collector from Luke chapter 19 in the Bible, Tanzanian singer Christina Shusho released “Zakayo” on April 24.

The song, sung in Swahili and loosely translated into English, tells the story of Zakayo, a wealthy tax collector who wanted to learn about Jesus but faced obstacles.

With thousands of reactions flooding social media upon its release, Christina Shusho’s “Zakayo” has already gained significant traction, even trending at number 20 on YouTube.

The song has over 98,077 views on YouTube.

Kenyan netizens have made fun of the title, humorously suggesting that Shusho should have used President William Ruto’s pictures on the song’s cover.

President Ruto reiterated in February that despite the various criticisms he has faced, he remains resolute in his firm decisions to put the country on the right track.

“I don’t care if people call me names. I will continue to do the right thing for our country regardless of the names people call me, including Zakayo,” Ruto said.

In May 2023, the name Zakayo started circulating on social media following the introduction of new tax proposals by President Ruto’s administration.

Drawing a comparison, people compared President Ruto to Zacchaeus, known as Zakayo in Swahili, who famously climbed a sycamore tree to catch a glimpse of Jesus, as depicted in the Bible.

Zacchaeus, mentioned in the New Testament, was a tax collector in the city of Jericho. He faced hostility from the Jewish community, who believed he was unfairly withholding their money for personal gain.

Here are Kenyans’ reactions to Shusho’s latest song:

@godwinmutsami4635: Wakenya tujuane kwa likes za Zakayo wetu ashuke asishuke.

@djbluee254thewheelslecturer: Kama huu wimbo umekuguza kama Kenyans si upite na like ukiendanga na usifanye kama Zakayo.

@nelsonmorgan9840: We Kenyans approve this song to be played on every national holiday.

@leonardochieng2531: This song will be used heavily during the 2027 campaigns in Kenya. Wait and see what happens.

@piuskamau4073: Ndio naelewa wamaanisha Zakayo wa bibilia ilhali ndugu zangu wakenya kamusi yetu yasema in MTU wa kiwango cha juu.

@feskamindo4332: Shusho you speak directly to our hearts. Zakayo shuka.

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