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Churchill slammed for hosting Pastor Kanyari

Controversial preacher Victor Kanyari finally made an appearance on NTV’s Churchill Show on Sunday leaving Kenyans on Twitter irked at what they termed as ‘mocking’ of God.

Pastor Kanyari had been avoiding the media since October 2014 following an expose on the phony teachings and practices at his Salvation Healing Ministry church.

In the expose, the preacher was captured on tape coaching people to offer false testimonies and using Potassium Permanganate to create illusions of miracles being performed on devotees.

His appearance on Kenya’s top television show on Sunday however raised a furore on social media, with users blasting the host Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill, and the ecstatic audience for venerating a crook.


During the show, “Prophet Dr” Kanyari was greeted with wild cheers by the audience as the host introduced him. The preacher even afforded to joke about how it would be great if members of the audience would give him seed money .

At some point during the live recording, a member of the audience jumped to the podium seeking a prophecy on his future from the preacher.

Pastor Kanyari obliged and prophecised of the man’s desire to relocate abroad. The man noded in agreement and stated he wanted to move to Switzerland. Kanyari then told him that his desire will be fulfilled as the audience applauded.

That bit was edited from what was televised on Sunday.

Throughout the show, the preacher maintained that he is innocent and that those who give do so willingly and are blessed out of it.

He went on to admit that he had indeed touched the breasts of a woman in the congregation because he was praying for her healing.


Kama ningekuwa niko na makosa nimetendea Wakenya ningekuwa jela maana am not above the law,” said the preacher.

He blamed his woes on his enemies, stating that everyone has enemies and they cannot stop him from progressing.

Kanyari even prayed for the show’s audience, urging them to lift up their money and wallets.

The show was largely criticized online, with users putting all the blame on the show’s host and audience.

@Beebruza tweeted, “Because he has not been jailed Kanyari thinks it’s justified to steal from gullible Kenyans? #ChurchillShow”


@paulinenjoroge tweeted, “Total mockery to God! In my opinion Kanyari is an atheist coz no one who believes in the Almighty God would dare do somethings.”

Early Monday morning, the top trends on twitter were #ChurchillShow and Kanyari where users vented their anger.

@makodingo tweeted, “I thought the crowd at #Churchillshow are learned. How has Kanyari gotten them to raise their money/wallets to be prayed for? SMH”

@ThisManObuya tweeted, “Do not be deceived God is Not Mocked, for whatever a man sows that he will also reap. Pissed off by #Kanyari on #Churchillshow.”