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Ciku Muiruri’s suit against Jicho Pevu stirs social buzz

Social media went abuzz with different reactions after Nairobi News ran a story on Ciku Muiruri suing Jicho Pevu.

The former radio queen wants to be compensated for damages on her career and personality.

Ms Muiruri was featured in the ‘Jicho Pevu’ episode titled ‘Ghururi ya Saitoti‘, an investigative report on the circumstance of the death of Internal Security minister George Saitoti and his deputy Orwa Ojode.

The series carried a clip showing Ms Muiruri being lifted and placed on a counter by one of the Artur brothers and was followed with the statement: “those people are seeking all means to ensure Kenyans forget the information, and it is believed that the bomb blast along Moi Avenue, Nairobi, was one of their strategy and was intended to fool Kenyans.”

These are some of the reactions of different people online;

Mary Kamundesh Anne I think in Kenya we have freedom of expression so thats what Ciku thought was good for her, you should not abuse her and also Moha was doing his part of work.

Annie Kinyash Before you sue others you should be sued. Do you know how many people have cried because of you? Jicho Pevu is looking for money same as you, when you were busting people.

Joan Jeanneret If the original clip of the Artur brothers showed many media personalities who were inappropriate with the two men why was Ciku the only one not edited, she has every right to sue this is irresponsible journalism and witch hunting

Ummy Abdi How many people has she busted and lowered their self-esteem? It doesn’t feel good on the other end now? You should be sued as well!

Jeremiah Nyamwaya Where was CIKU all this while? Why do some Kenyans like acting stupid? Kwani if Jicho pevu is exposing corruption deals, it is alright, when it exposed govt deals and secrets it is biased…What do Kenyans really want?

Balwa Sebastianique Why should the video be edited when in really sense. You were with Arthur brothers. The man who wants to marry you has put pressure on you to do that so that he believe you are not a drug baron. hahahaha

Liz Muchira Am not hating on shikoh but do you know how many marriages you tore apart with your busted.

Hon Essy Qui Go Go Go for your rights Ciku…

James Baragu Why can’t people mind their own business whether she was seen with the brothers or not why bother? CIKU is trying to defend her name, reputation, and ego. It’s the high time we thought of our issues and not those of others

Pierre Kamande I know Ciku I have read her articles. She could be just stirring the issue to watch the response. Ciku go ahead I know it has taken some thought to do it.