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City matatus rush to comply with tint window order

Operators of Public service vehicles in Nairobi have rushed to comply with the directive of Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo banning  tinted windows and windscreens.

They withdrew their vehicles from roads on Tuesday evening to remove the tints and other graffiti covering windows. Most matatus within the city centre had by Wednesday morning removed the tints.

The Traffic Act gives directives on windscreen and windows of motor vehicles.

It states: “A person shall not drive or operate a public service vehicle that is fitted with tinted windows or tinted windscreen.”

“For the purposes of this rule, “tinted” means shaded, coloured or treated in a similar manner so that the persons or objects inside are not ordinarily seen clearly from outside.”

One city matatu driver Kamau told Nairobi News that most matatus began removing tints in February when reforms in public transport sector started.

“For instance these matatus plying Buruburu, when they were purchased, they had tinted windows. But early this year the owners decided to have them all removed,” he said.

Mr Kamau said matatu owners told them to ensure they follow the guidelines stipulated in the traffic act.

“We started avoiding carrying excess passengers and introduced metal detectors to screen passengers and luggage during that time,” he added.