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Peter Miracle Baby appeals for help after fourth surgery

Mugithi artist and former Sailor Gang member, Peter Miracle Baby, is reaching out to supporters for assistance in settling his hospital bills following a successful fourth surgery.

In an interview with Nairobi News, his wife, Carol Katrue stated that they are aiming to raise KSh 500,000 to cover the hospital expenses and facilitate their discharge.

However, Katrue chose not to disclose the hospital’s name due to the overwhelming number of visitors, which doctors have advised against due to Miracle Baby’s health condition.

“We haven’t revealed the hospital’s details because his fans and our friends have been coming, which the doctors have discouraged for Peter’s well-being. We have been cleared for discharge but are still awaiting the necessary funds,” she explained during a phone conversation.

She also chose not to address the earlier support pledged by President William Ruto.

“At this moment, we are relying on ourselves, but Peter is recovering well.”

This marks his fourth surgery within a short span, coming just two and a half months after his third operation. The artist has been grappling with intestinal issues.

In January, Katrue revealed that the singer has been dealing with stomach complications since 2018.

“He has been battling stomach problems since 2018, starting with his initial surgery. The doctors initially removed what they identified as a growth after conducting a CT scan and discovered blockages,” she shared.

In May 2023, when the issue resurfaced, the couple revisited the same hospital and were advised to undergo an ultrasound.

“They couldn’t locate his appendix during the ultrasound, prompting a CT scan. It turned out another hospital had already removed his appendix. We had initially believed they removed the growth. Additionally, they hadn’t repositioned his organs properly,” Katrue explained.

Following the fourth surgery, videos emerged showing Peter in good spirits at the hospital, reassuring friends and family about his recovery.

“Praise the Lord. I have to pull through this, right? We’ll catch up later,” he confidently stated.