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Gengetone star Miracle Baby quits secular music to serve God

Gengetone sensation Peter Miracle Baby has made a life-changing decision, announcing his departure from secular music to devote himself to spreading the word of God.

The artiste, who has been battling health issues for nearly two months, revealed his decision in a heartfelt video alongside his mother, expressing gratitude to fans for their unwavering support during his medical treatment.

In his latest update, Peter conveyed his intention to become a pastor, declaring:

“Praise God. I am going to preach.”

This decision marks a significant shift in his career, reflecting his newfound commitment to spiritual endeavours.

The announcement follows Peter’s third surgery on Tuesday, February 6, as he grapples with ongoing health challenges.

His girlfriend, Carol Katrue, provided updates on his condition, revealing that Peter underwent surgery due to ruptured intestines, necessitating the use of a tube for restroom needs for six weeks.

“Hae guys, the surgery was successful but the intestines had burst. They have managed to wash them but he will be going to the toilet through a pipe and they have left some intestines outside for 6 weeks when he recovers he will go back to the theatre so that the intestines can be returned inside,” Carol Katrue wrote.

Peter Miracle Baby has also issued an urgent appeal for financial assistance to settle his substantial hospital bill amounting to Sh 1.6 million.

Peter’s decision to turn to gospel music mirrors similar transformations in the industry, with notable artists embracing faith-based endeavours:

Size 8

Renowned for her secular music career, Size 8 experienced a spiritual awakening in 2013 after marrying DJ Mo.

Since then, she has dedicated her life to spreading the gospel, ultimately becoming ordained as a minister.


Formerly a prominent figure in Kenya’s rap scene, Bamboo transitioned to a life of ministry after embracing Christianity in 2013.

He now resides in the US, where he serves as a pastor alongside his musical hiatus.

Lovy Longomba

Alongside his brother Christian, Lovy Longomba dominated the Kenyan music landscape before embracing Christianity and founding the Revelation Church of Jesus Christ in Los Angeles.


The Manyake hitmaker shifted gears to pursue a career in ministry, rebranding himself as Circute Righteous and serving as a preacher at the Harvest International Centre Church.