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Comedian Elsa Majimbo explains the source of her wealth

Comedian Elsa Majimbo is addressing the burning question on everyone’s minds: How does she make her money?

In a candid revelation on social media, Majimbo opened up about her lucrative career and the source of her wealth.

The young comedienne expressed her astonishment at her fans’ curiosity about her financial success and expensive lifestyle.

Taking to social media, she divulged the various avenues through which she earns her income, including magazine covers, campaigns, brand partnerships, and screen appearances.

“I’ve been on magazine covers, I’ve done campaigns, I’ve worked with a lot of brands, I’ve been in front of the screen, and I’m going to work on a few things where I’m going to be more in front of the screen,” Majimbo said.

Despite her impressive professional accomplishments, Majimbo revealed that she doesn’t consider her work as “work” because she enjoys it so much.

“If you ask me, I live my life and have hobbies on the side that insanely pay me to support my lifestyle. I just live life,” she confessed.

Delving deeper into her affection for Hollywood, Majimbo professed her love for the industry, citing its vibrant culture, people, and financial opportunities.

“I love Hollywood from the bottom of my heart, I love everything about this place, I love the people, I love the money, I love the culture, I love how it operates,” she enthused.

Despite acknowledging the occasional challenges, Majimbo asserted that the positives far outweigh any negatives.

“There’s a few bad times but their bad times cannot even compare with the good times,” she added.

“I wouldn’t change my career for anything. Here I’m able to have my time and my money, and I promise you, on this planet, there is nothing more valuable than those two things combined.”

In November, 2023 she said money transformed her style, attributing it to her financial success.

“Oh what happened to the old Elsa, oh money changed her. She got her money up and my net worth went through the roof, that’s what happened to the old Elsa. Ooh her style has changed so much, yeah, I am rich now. Even the laugh is rich.”

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