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CS Amina flexes muscle, secures Mang’u slot for bright boy cast aside by Starehe

A boy who was turned away by Starehe Boys Centre has now been admitted by Mang’u High School after the intervention of Education Secretary Amina Mohammed.

Starehe Boys Centre was trolled over the weekend after pictures of the boy and his parents, who had travelled from Isiolo to Nairobi for admission to the school, showed them stranded in the city.

For 10 days, David Babu, his wife Christine Ngare and their son slept in a hotel room in Nairobi, according to media reports.

The boy scored an impressive 417 marks in last year’s Kenya Certificate for Primary Education (KCPE) examinations.

According to the Starehe Boys Centre acting director Josphat Mwaura, who spoke to Citizen TV, the boy had not been selected to join the school, but was one of 24 students recommended for consideration by the ministry.

The school also accused the boy’s father of behaving inappropriately and failing to meet admission procedures.

Kenyans online were ecstatic after it emerged that the boy had secured admission at Mangu High school.


Prince martin said; “I think the boy will never forget the experience. One day he might revisit that bad experience…Who knows he might be the principal of the same institution that denied him a chance to study there.”

Chisano Joaquim wrote; “Starehe lost its glory ..they take pride in a name and infrastructural development lakini masomo wako down ! You’ll triumph young man even from a village school, your destiny is shaped regardless of the school, it’s all about hard work.”

Mark Makau commented; “Mang’u is even better than Starehe.”

Fyson Sese said; “This kid should excel and beat even the leading Starehe boy. Let him show them that it’s not the name or the place but it is the head that matters.”

Tes Terry said; “One door closes, another one opens, such is life. Young man, get up, dust yourself, and show Starehe that they didn’t even deserve u in the first place.”

Imeldah Agnes said; “God brings some problems in your life inorder to give you the best. I believe Mang’u is much better than the so called “starehe”.”