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Cyclone Kenneth: Nairobians brace yourselves for massive rainfall

Some parts of Kenya are set to feel the effects of Cyclone Kenneth even though the met has said it will not hit the country.

They cyclone is expected to make landfall in northern Mozambique and Mtwara in Tanzania on Thursday night.

According to the Kenya Meteorological Department, residents of Nairobi, Isiolo, Western Kenya, Makueni, Narok and Samburu should brace themselves for heavy rain as a result.

“Kenyans have no reason to fear because we are outside the range that is prone to cyclones,” Ayub Shaka, a deputy director at the Kenya Meteorological Department said.

He added that: “The only expected effect is an increase in the amount of rainfall in some parts of the country.”

Mr Shaka said that unlike the Cyclone Idai that held down the rain belt to the south, this time round, it’s going to cause higher rainfall in southern parts of Kenya because the rain belt has already moved from the south to the north.

“Kenneth will give us more rainfall. We will expect more rains in Nairobi and South Eastern lowlands like Makueni and Narok,” he said.