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Dating someone’s husband does not make you a side chick…

By Winnie Mabel January 18th, 2024 2 min read

We live in an era where it has become acceptable to be single people in relationships with married spouses. Married partners are on the streets actively looking for ‘greener pastures’ in attempts to get from them what they are not getting at home in terms of intimacy and companionship.

Some married people simply step out of their marriages for the sake of chasing the thrill.

But let’s not pile on married people only. Single people are also actively hunting down married people. This is because they can get the benefits of being in whatever form of relationship with these married people without having to give in to commitments that come with being with someone.

They treat these relationships as casual transactions- where mostly money is obtained to enjoy a fun, soft life.

In most instances, however, these side pieces- the mistresses and misters- step over the line and begin considering themselves as second spouses to these people.

They begin demanding equal treatment as the legal spouse, failure to which is met with threats of exposure. While some married people give in to these threats, others stand firm and work to keep their affair partners out of their marriages and keep them in their dark, secret corners.

As the push and pull to become recognized as second spouses continues, it is now being rehashed that affair partners will never be a priority to their married partners no matter how much better they are than their legal partners.

According to a Kenyan on TikTok, Mr Sam Vidambu, a motivational speaker, affair partners will always come a distant third if a married spouse is to set their priorities in order.

“Dating someone’s husband does not make you a side chic. It makes you a breaker of marriages. No matter how much you think he loves you, you will always come third. His first priority is his children and his second priority is his GOAT wife,” said Mr Vidambu.

His sentiments stirred up a storm on TikTok as sampled by Nairobi News below:

“This will not stop us from dating them Mr. man 😂😁. If you want talk till 2030 e no go work 😁😂,” said one user.

“No matter what advice you bring us, married men are the best,” said A.S.

“Me reading this in someone’s husband house,” laughed U.3.

“You are always talking about how bad side chics are. What of them who go for side chics despite having the priorities?” asked M.M.

“Can you give your advice to your fellow man who date while knowingly they have wives and children,” added N.X.

“So long as you don’t use juju and don’t harm the wife,babes you are welcome to his life! men of these days no woman is breaking one’s marriage,” opined M.9.

Others women on to claim that they are okay with being side chics as long as they are being taken care of while other women said they were actively looking for Ben 10s now.

“I am his favorite. A day can’t pass without him sending me money or talking to me. Now you want me to leave him how will I live in this city?” asked A.K.

“Men’s work is advising women. Please go and advise men out there who are looking for their own side chics,” said T.M.