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Deputy CJ: Sex is only for married people

Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu has cautioned students in the country against engaging in premarital sex.

Ms Mwilu said sex is sacredly reserved for married adults only.

She made the remarks over the weekend at Thitani Girls Secondary School during a joint prize giving day for Catholic-sponsored schools in Kitui County.

The Supreme Court judge termed as ‘shameful’  the dropout of school children who get pregnant as a result of premarital sex.


“Once you get a child, it’s hard to concentrate in studies as most of your attention is diverted towards the child. I don’t know if those who have given birth and resumed with studies concentrate in class at all,” added Justice Mwilu.

She also warned male teachers against preying on schoolgirls.

” Some pretend to be coaching the girls in staff room and end up molesting them. I always wonder where is your wife as you do that to school girls. Even if you are not married why can’t you get a woman of your age and size and get married to them,” wondered the Deputy CJ.

Justice Mwilu urged teachers to stop discouraging students because no child is foolish and unteachable.


She cited her own experience in Form Three when her Mathematics teacher made her drop from scoring 80 per cent to 15 per cent.

“She had ordered me to be walking out of her class as she teaches. I know that happens but no child should be given such a punishment while their parents are struggling to pay school fees. Teachers learn to handle every matter with a lot of caution,” she said.