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Desperate residents now turn to prayers to keep sex workers at bay

Clergymen and officials of a non-governmental organisation have turned to prayers to ward off sex workers and manufacturers of illicit brewers who have invaded KK market in Meru County.

Scantily dressed women have stormed the market in pursuit of miraa traders who are known to make huge amounts of money from their businesses.

Their resolve comes barely a month after a man was found dead in one of the lodgings in the shopping centre.

The man who is said to have sold miraa worth Sh100,000 and went on a drinking spree accompanied by prostitute but was later found dead in the room with his private parts chopped off.


Various churches have also been holding open air crusades to pray against the increased sale of chang’aa dens in the area.

Pastor George Kimathi of the Redeemed Gospel Church said the situation has made children drop out of school. Mr Kimathi said the young girls loitering in the market should be in school.

“If possible, their parents should be held responsible for neglecting their children and leaving them to loiter in towns with a motive of indulging in commercial sex,” he said.

Giving back to Society Group’s patron Erastus Nkunja blamed the town’s woes on a leadership gap.

He said local leaders including chiefs and their assistants should team up with the clergy to “sanitanise” the shopping centre.

HIV and Aids

He said the continued erosion of society morals in the area would set a bad precedent to the future generations.

“We should find a way of ensuring our children are always in school rather than being left to loiter in town at odd hours.

“We are living in dangerous times where HIV and Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases are killing people than ever before, and our children might be victims ,” Mr Nkunja warned.