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Snappy 7: Diana Nderitu: Sponsors are a danger zone

She bust into the scene several years ago after she was cast as Lexi in the successful New Beginnings TV series.

What many don’t know about Diana Nderitu, who is not new to film production companies in Kenya, is that other than being an actor she is also a practicing Advocate of the High Court.

Diana is currently riding high in the new hit series Socialites, a product of one of the top production companies in Kenya.

1. I’m an introvert; an extroverted introvert, if that makes any sense. I practice law which is one thing I was sure of and somewhere along the way I discovered acting. So basically my life is that balance of trying to do both worlds not knowing how to do it. I’m just a normal girl and boring.

2. I fell in love with acting when I was in High School. But I didn’t quite nurture it until I was in law school at the University of Nairobi when I landed the role of Lexi in the successful New Beginnings. That’s when I discovered I really enjoyed acting and most importantly playing pretend and delving into the world of another outside my day dreams.

There’s a freedom that acting gives, it sparks creativity and ironically introspection so you can channel who your character should be.

I never acted while living in United Kingdom but I was in the Wembley choir. I was in drama but most of it was musical. I competed nationally in swimming and hockey in the UK and I was also third place in a national mathematical challenge. But don’t ask me to do any math now… hence law.

3. I joined Socialites because in my other life I always wished I would be one. I joined because I liked the concept of the video production company and I figured it would be great to actually be in a show that depicts the realities of young women and the endemic of having sponsors or the lengths women go to survive. The concept was good and I knew that this is the show I would imitate a reality show made it exciting.

4. I ignore those who think I am a socialite. Sometime I get the glances and there is a bit of awkwardness but I try to maintain a very professional arm length and let my work speak for itself. I’m as bubbly as my character and as optimistic but not as naïve.

5. Sponsors are a danger zone, especially where some of them are married and committed somewhere else. It’s a trap and I believe that one should work for their own money. I do not advocate for such a lifestyle. I have had offers but I just can’t bring myself to do it. There is no problem for a man to take care of you as long as it is a very confined relationship where we are exclusive.

6. Lexi in New Beginnings was one of the most difficult character that I have ever been involved in. She was sporadic, crazy and bipolar. Channeling that level of craziness and the emotional turmoil can be exhorting. Season Three was the toughest because she was depressed, which was emotionally draining. But I love the character because she was so dynamic and very interesting.

7. My goal is to practice law and still act. I don’t believe in impossible and so I do my best to balance the best of both worlds. When I can, I participate in Legal Aid clinics to give pro bono advice. I’m an avid reader. There’s always a book I’m reading at any one time.