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Distraught Kayole mother begs snatcher for her baby

A Nairobi mother is looking for her eight-month-old son who was taken from her house in Kayole by an unknown lady.

Dorcas Amunga during an interview with NTV.
Dorcas Amunga during an interview with NTV.

Dorcas Amunga, 21, had left Baby Wilson Namayi in the house with two of her nieces when a young lady came in and told the girls that the child’s mother had asked her to take the baby to her.

“My father was in the house with my two nieces but since he was asleep the girls trusted the lady when she told them she is my friend and had left me at the movie shop and gave her the baby,” recalled Dorcas.

When she came into the house about an hour and a half later, one of her nieces asked her if she had sent a lady to pick the baby.


Her nieces revealed that the lady was clad in a red top and black tights and had her hair braided with red hair piece.

It has been three weeks since Baby Wilson was taken from his mother’s house and Dorcas is appealing to anyone with information to notify the police.

“He had a sky blue jumpsuit with a bear and the words ‘Beary Handsome’ when he was taken from the house,” said the mother of one.

She lives in Kayole with the two ten-year-old nieces and her father. Her mother lives out of the country.

“I had never left the two children alone with the baby but that day I decided to leave them briefly,” said Dorcas.

She reported the matter at Kayole Police Station On November 14 and has visited several children’s homes in the search for Baby Wilson.