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DJ Afro makes debut commentary on Netflix trailer

Deejay Afro Amigos, popularly known as DJ Afro, has made his signature commentary on a Netflix trailer ‘Thunder Force’.

In the trailer, Dj Afro uses a mixture of Kiswahili, English, and various Kikuyu wordings.

The move comes after Netflix launched the free Android mobile plan in Kenya in September, an application that allows its users to sign up without having to enter any payment information.

The free Android mobile plan will be advertisement free and the users can watch their movies uninterrupted by the ads.

Also as a way of verification, Netflix users are required to submit an email address to create a log in.

This is to prove that they are 18 years and older.

Kenyans on Twitter had previously urged Netflix to hire DJ Afro after a viral trailer earlier done by DJ Fish.

This is because DJ Afro fans are aware that there are some trademark words that the commentator has to use.

For instance, in the beginning, DJ Afro has to sign in with, “Alllllllright! Asante sana” before narrating the occurrences of any movie.

DJ Afro real name is James Muigai is the most famous commentator in Kenya and he has been able to achieve this by using distinctive relatable language.

Kimoda as he is colloquially known by this audience started with borrowed equipment in Nakuru but has since defied the odds and is now recognized far and wide.