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Doppelganger: Ciru Muriuki pays for Ciku Muiruri’s ‘sins’

By Sylvania Ambani September 14th, 2019 1 min read

In a classic case of mistaken identity, BBC Africa journalist Ciru Muriuki found herself facing the KOT jury to answer for offences she did not commit.

Ciru woke up on Saturday morning to an avalanche of scathing comments from Kenyans on Twitter who attacked her because of a post written by former radio presenter Ciku Muiruri, who shares a slightly similar name to hers.

The “Love is But a Dream” author’s name is Ciku Muiruri while the BBC journalist’s name is Ciru Muriuki. Ciku was targeted for using the death of Dutch businessman Tob Cohen to push her book.

However, some Kenyan’s on Twitter, out chastise Ms Muiruri, could not distinguish between the two and ended up directing their messages to Ms Muriuki, forcing her to come out and defend herself.

“I am not @MissCiku. I haven’t written a book. I never hosted a show named Busted. And I haven’t tweeted anything about dogs. Aki please I was just doing my juice cleanse in peace,” tweeted Ciru Muriuki.


Here are some of the comments by KOT.