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DP Ruto drops diplomacy as going gets tough

By EDDY KAGERA September 21st, 2017 1 min read

Deputy President William Ruto appeared to have dropped civility and diplomacy on his social media, where he has of late been posting what previously was a preserve of the so called 36 bloggers.

In the last month or so, Mr Ruto has taken on Judiciary, Chief Justice David Maraga and Nasa flag bearer Raila Odinga in the no-hold-barred tweets.

Previously, the DP’s posts were more reserved, only preferring to stick to the script.

He would post pictures of events he attended and the scripted message he or president Uhuru Kenyatta delivered.

The bare-knuckled attacks were left to faceless social media users. But not anymore.

Since the Supreme Court majority nullified President Kenyatta victory, Mr Ruto has taken it upon himself to dish out the attacks.

Here are a few:

Here he took on Mr Odinga

Here he linked the CJ to Nasa

Then called the majority Supreme Court decision a coup