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Drama as cheating wife and lover found stuck in honeypot – VIDEO

Two Bungoma lovers were on Tuesday caught after they got stuck while having sex.

The married woman, who was sleeping with her lover, had allegedly been served a witchdoctor’s concoction unknowingly by her husband who works in another town.

Her husband, Wilber Kibagendi, claimed that he took the drastic measure after neighbours in his Chwele hometown told him that his wife was cheating on him.


“I have been married to her for the last five years but I live in Bungoma as I have businesses there. I was told she was cheating on me and three days ago I went to see a witchdoctor who gave me a concoction that will help nab her,” said Mr Kibagendi.

The woman and her lover booked a room at Plan B Hotel in Chwele town where they remained stuck until the woman’s husband found them.

A crowd milling around the hotel wanted to lynch the two, but police used teargas to disperse them and rescued the naked lovers.

“We are in shock that men are cheating with other men’s wives at Plan B and today the two were stuck. We need to respect other people’s marriages and take good care of our wives,” said an eye witness.

The two lovers and the woman’s husband were taken to Bungoma Police Station as the crowd was baying for the lovers’ blood.