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Eight lies the Nairobi woman convinces herself in the name of love

They say that what you don’t know can’t hurt you. This means that sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Other times though, lies, especially those coming from you can hurt you.

Here is a look into lies you may have been foolishly convincing yourself all in the name of love.

1. It is what’s on the inside that counts – No it isn’t. The Nairobi man is very visual. He does care about how a woman looks on the outside. If you have believed this, it is time you started paying more attention to your looks.

2. He is just intimidated by me – This is the lie that the professional Nairobi woman tells herself. She imagines that she is single because all the men are intimidated by her. This isn’t true. The Nairobi man is in fact up to the challenge. If you tell yourself this lie, you are probably just not putting yourself out there as much as you should.

3. Money isn’t important – This is a lie that the Nairobi woman tells herself when she is contemplating settling with a man with a lower earning power. The truth however is that money counts. Marrying a man who can’t show up for you financially will make you very miserable. That is the truth.

4. It’s better to have anyone – This is a lie that the Nairobi woman tells herself when she realizes that the man she is with is wrong for her. She tells herself this in a bid to feel better about her situation. The truth however is that it is better to be alone that to be in the wrong relationship.

5. He wasn’t really flirting with her, I’m imagining things – If a situation makes you overly uncomfortable, chances are that there is more to it. If you feel like he is flirting with her, he probably is. Stop convincing yourself otherwise.

6. Opposites attract – No, opposites do not attract. The truth is that we attract who we are and a relationship can only be successful if you get with someone with the same values as you, not opposite ones.

7. It’s not that he doesn’t respect me – This is a lie that the Nairobi woman tells herself when the man in her life disrespects her but she doesn’t want to believe it. The truth is that if you find yourself wondering whether or not he is disrespecting you, chances are that he is.

8. He will mature – This is another common lie that the Nairobi woman tells herself. The truth however is that if he is an adult man and he is behaving in an immature way, this is probably how it is always going to be.