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Eight surprising health benefits of regular sex

Sex is a vital part of a healthy relationship. What you might not know is that regular sex also has numerous health benefits that can’t be understated. Here is a look into some of them.

1. Boost to the immune system – Having more sex means having fewer sick days. Sex boosts the body’s ability to produce protective antibodies against viruses, bacteria and other forms of infections. Combine regular sex with a good diet and your body will thank you for it.

2. A healthier heart – Having sex helps keep the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones in check. This balance is good for your heart health. Sex also releases the feel good hormone in the body, lowering stress levels in the body. Lower stress levels equal a healthier heart.

3. Bladder control – This should come as great news for women. Having sex usually works out a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. Stronger pelvic floor muscles usually mean lower instances of incontinence. It means that a woman also gets to enjoy sex more.

4. Better sleep – You know that sleep is an important ingredient of better health. What you might not know is that during sex, the body releases prolactin the sleep inducing hormone.

5. Pain relief – Yes, sex is a very effective pain relief. This is if it leads to an orgasm. During an orgasm, the body releases endorphins which resemble morphine, the pain relief medicine. An orgasm can help relief anything from headaches to joint pain caused by arthritis.

6. It is a work out – Yes, sex is counted as a form of exercise. It may not burn as many calories as jogging on the treadmill but sex will tone your body and help you lose weight. Not only does it work up your heart rate, having sex will also directly exercise some of your body muscles.

7. Lowers prostate cancer risk – It has been proven that men who have regular sex are at a lower risk of prostate cancer. The good news is that there doesn’t need to be a partner for a man to experience these benefits. Nocturnal emissions are just as effective as sex in warding off prostate cancer.

8. Less stress – When you have sex, your body releases feel good hormones. These hormones usually elevate the body’s stress levels. Low stress levels will lead to a better general well-being.