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Eight surprising tips on how to conceive twins

Have you been looking longingly at other people’s double bundles of joy? You can have twins too.

Other than the happiness they bring, having twins will give you the opportunity of raising both of them at the same time which allows for time to grow other parts of your life.

Here’s a look into tricks that can help you conceive twins.

1. Wait until you’re older – Older mothers have higher chances of conceiving twins than younger mothers. This is how it works; as you approach menopause, the body starts releasing more than one egg during ovulation. This is because older women produce more follicle stimulating hormone.

Wait until you are in your thirties or forties. This however will give you fraternal twins.

2. Increase your weight – Heavier women have been proven to be more likely to have twins than underweight women. This is however a tricky one because being overweight isn’t healthy during pregnancy.

Work at increasing your weight while staying in the healthy levels. Do not let yourself get into the obese category.

3. Feed him foods rich in Zinc – If you are trying to get twins, try feeding your man foods rich in Zinc like dark green leafy vegetables, bread and seeds. These foods usually aide in sperm production meaning that your man will be able to fertilize more than one egg at a time.

4. Try immediately after getting off the pill – When a woman gets off the hormonal birth control pill, the body takes some time to adjust. During this period, the ovaries can release more than one egg at a time thus giving you twins.

5. Folic acid supplements – Folic acid supplements are recommended for all women who are trying to conceive as it prevents birth defects. Women who take them have a higher chance of conceiving twins than those who do not.

6. Do not stop breastfeeding – If you are breastfeeding and considering having another child, then do not stop breastfeeding. A conception that takes place when the mother is still breastfeeding is nine times more likely to yield twins compared to one where the mother stops breastfeeding.

7. Eat Dairy – Women who eat a lot of dairy when they are trying to conceive are more likely to get wine. This is believed to be as a result of hormone treatments that cows get which eventually find their way into the milk, the meat and other dairy products.

8. Eat wild yams – Mothers who come from places that grow yams have more instances of twins and triplets. Yams contain natural components which assist in ovary stimulation. If you want twins, indulge in yams in the months and weeks preceding conception.