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Eight things you should never tell her in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place where you drop all the pretense and all your insecurities and let your hair down. This however doesn’t mean that you are free to do or say anything here.

Here is a look into eight things that a man should never tell his woman in bed;

1. Let’s just get it over with -This will be said in good faith when a man is in a rush or when both of you are rushing because you need to be somewhere else. This statement however is likely to be misunderstood. She might interpret it to mean that you are not enjoying it.

2. Baby talk – Some women like baby talk. It makes them feel young and delicate. What a lot of men do not know is that baby talk, any form of it, is an instant mood killer in the bedroom. It should be left at the door.

3. Other women’s names – Sometimes, there is absolutely nothing going on with the said women but the truth is that the instant you say another women’s name when in bed with your women, her trust in you wanes.

4. My ex used to do it like this – It doesn’t matter how good your ex was in bed or how open with each other you and your woman are, the subject of the ex should be left outside the bedroom door.

5. I don’t usually do that – Similarly, it is rude and insensitive to bring up your performance with another woman or other women when in bed with your woman.

6. Have you cum? – This is a question that a man should never have to ask a woman in the bedroom. If you have to ask whether or not she had an orgasm, then she most likely did not. Asking this question makes you look dumb.

7. What are you thinking about right now? – The middle of an intimate moment is absolutely the wrong time to try and make small talk with your woman. If you have nothing to say, even the silence will do. Stop asking her what she is thinking.

8. That’s it? – Sometimes, even the best couples have less than satisfactory sexual encounters. Should it happen between you and your woman, these words must never, ever be uttered out aloud.