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Elachi: I was pushed out of City Hall by the ‘cartels’

Former Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi has hinted at what could have pushed her out of City Hall.

The former nominated senator, speaking publicly for the first time since her resignation on Tuesday, blamed Governor Mike Sonko and cartels for her exit.

The 47-year-old narrated how she created enemies at the county government through her insistence on the rule of law as well as attempts to restore order at City Hall.

Elachi claimed that anyone one who tries to mess up with the said cartels at City Hall ends up making many enemies.

She said the cartels have formed an enclave, especially in the ownership of stalls, toilets and in urban planning and that anyone who dares them is dealt with ruthlessly.


“You are supposed to bring order but order is not supposed to be part of Chronicles of City Hall. The interests are beyond City Hall and you find yourself rubbing shoulders with people and creating enemies that you do not even know of,” said Ms Elachi while appearing on JKL Show on Citizen TV.

Pressed by the show’s host to say whether Governor Sonko is part of the cartels, Elachi was non-committal, only saying that “the cartels are known and it is time their names are revealed.”

The former Senate Majority Chief Whip said that despite people thinking that she is at loggerheads with Sonko, she has never tried fighting the governor and the wars between them are non existent.


She however said the governor has been fighting shadows and imaginary enemies.

“Most of our differences are imaginations as the governor is fighting shadows and abusing people yet no one is fighting him. People who want money go to him with all sort of accusations just to get the money from him,” she said.

Elachi further claimed that signatures of the more than 80 MCAs who signed for her impeachment were “bought”.

“The MCAs do not hate me. I will write a story on how much each signature costs on the third chapter of my book Chronicles of City Hall,” said Elachi.