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Eric Omondi: Maribe was just a friend

Comedian Eric Omondi has now turned on his baby mama Jacque Maribe, claiming she was just a ‘friend with benefits’.

Omondi shares a son with the media personality confirmed the former lovebirds first met when they both worked at Radio Africa Group. He was a presenter at Radio Jambo while she was a news reporter at Kiss Tv.

Omondi confesses to asking Maribe out for coffee to which she agreed. The date happened at Java coffee house a few metres from the company.

The comedian spoke during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo.

When asked why their relationship ended, Omondi replied, “We were friends and things happened.”

“Friends with benefits?” Massawe asked which he replied, “There were benefits, and we were friends.”

Omondi and Maribe maintained a discreet relationship for almost a decade until 2019 when Maribe posted photos of the pair with their child at school and on a holiday.

Maribe has in the past conceded to dating Omondi, adding that he was not ready to settle at the time.

During the interview, the comedian also revealed that he will be getting married and start a family.

“My birthday is on the 9th of March, but that is too soon. I took people through a lot of rollercoasters; some people were mad for some reasons. This time let me thank the people by giving them a wife, children and a family,” he said.

Omondi’s last known relationship was with his girlfriend Chantal Grazioli, but they broke up after dating for close to five years.

Maribe on the other hand was engaged to Joseph Irungu alias Jowie before they broke up in 2019.