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Esma: I can’t interfere with Diamond’s love life when my marriage is collapsing

Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma Khan has refuted claims that she is ever meddling in her superstar brother’s love life.

Esma has in the past been accused of having a hand in almost every breakup his brother has gone through.


The two are very close with reports that Diamond often relies on his sister’s approval of most of his personal matters including his love life.

It’s due to this that many have accused Esma of always meddling in her brother’s affairs and to some degree contributing to the many breakups Diamonds has suffered in the past.

She has even been nicknamed ‘Judas Iscariot’ by a section of the Tanzanian online clout, with many believing she is a betrayer.

However, Esma insists she doesn’t give a hoot about her brother’s relationships because she is also struggling with her marriage.

“Kwanza watu watambue kuwa mimi sihangaiki na uhusiano wa mtu kwa sababu ndoa yangu mwenyewe inawaka moto. Halafu wanafikiri wakiniita Yuda (Judas) nitabadilika kuwa Petro (Peter). Haiwezekani,” Esma said.


When Diamond started dating Tanasha Donna, Esma, who has been in an on and off relationship with her husband Petit Man, praised her saying she was the ideal woman for her brother.

But when the couple recently broke up, the narrative changed with Esma dismissing Tanasha as not being good enough for her brother.

“Kama nilimsifia (Tanasha) ujue alikuwa akifanya jambo jema lakini kama alivurunda ndiyo maana nikasema hivyo,” Esma justified her changed opinion about the Tanasha.

The mother of two, who has broken up and mended fences with is husband more than three times, also said she has given up on relationships and would rather be alone for as long as it takes.


Esma has also had issues with Diamond’s ex-girlfriends who she always praises when things are good, but then turns against them when they part ways with her brother.

For instance, when Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan dumped Diamond and the artiste turned his attention to Hamisa Mobetto, Esma was quick to share photos of her hanging out with the former beauty queen.

Months later, Esma was among those who were accusing Hamisa of using witchcraft to win her brother’s love.

Esma and Diamond share a mother Bi Sandra but were born of different fathers. Diamond, whose real name is Naseeb Abdul, also has another sister Queen Darling a musician signed to his WCB label, with whom they share a father Mzee Abdul Naseeb.