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EXCLUSIVE: Caroline Mutoko reveals admiration for Bahati, Kabi wa Jesus

Media personality Caroline Mutoko has expressed her love for power couple and content creators Kabi and Milly wa Jesus and Singer Bahati and Diana.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Mutoko said the four are a real definition of family business.

She said that watching the two families is like writing a thesis on how the new generation is creating family business.

“I am this person who loves laughing. Once in a while I go through my socials and watch what inspires me. The people who fascinate me and the people I love to watch like I am doing a study on business is Milly and Kabi wa Jesus,” said Mutoko.

“When I look at them I am like… you are still working… you have just formed a family business. Your kids are also working.”

She revealed the two are proving to the world that family businesses are not just restaurants, law farmers, and clinics.

“No… these guys are the new age of what a family business looks like,” she added.

Mutoko also praised singer Bahati and his lovely wife Diana Marua for teaching their children how to make money at a young age.

“Their children are part of content creation. You know some of us are very clear that our children are not part of that. You know they are like… ebu ingia hapa we make school fees and I love it. So I watch young creators, and I listen to a lot of podcasts,” she concluded.

Bahatis daughters Mueni and Heaven were featured in the Raha premium wheat flour competition.

The two are seen in the video seated as judges while their parents use different wheat flour to make chapati.

“Welcome to a cooking completion…. Your time starts now…. Wow… mum anatumia unga ya Raha premium… Daddy wewe unatumia unga gani….. your time ends now… chapo zako zinakaa aje daddy,” the two young and beautiful girls say.

On the other hand, Kabi and Milly wa Jesus together with their young boy are captured advertising trio_naturals tea for weight loss.

In the video, Kabi wrote, “Burn tea is a weight loss tea that helps to lose weight and boosts the overall metabolism in the body. The product for weight loss is tea-based and offers numerous benefits, including boosting immunity as well as improving physical and mental well-being, and reducing hunger and thereby aiding weight loss.

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