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Expelled for Magic: Chell De Magician on high school expulsion – Exclusive

Chell De Magician, known as Swale Said, is a well-known performer. He recently opened up about his early experiences with magic and the obstacles he faced.

From swallowing razor blades to being expelled from high school, Swale’s journey is one of perseverance and a love for the art of illusion.

It all began in primary school when Swale’s uncle performed a mind-boggling magic trick, leaving a lasting impression on the young boy’s curious mind.

Determined to uncover the secret behind the trick, Swale delved into the world of magic, starting with simple disappearing pen acts and gradually honing his skills.

“I don’t like being challenged mentally,” Swale confessed. “My uncle’s magic trick really intrigued me, and I wanted to unravel its mystery. So, I began experimenting and creating my own tricks.”

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Swale Said a.k.a Chell De Magician. PHOTO| Kennedy Amungo

However, during his time at high school, Swale’s magical talents brought unexpected consequences. With a new principal eager to witness the young magician’s abilities, Swale found himself performing daring tricks behind closed doors.

“I performed the razor blade trick, where I poured water through a magazine but didn’t let it spill out. The water vanished and transformed into juice,” Swale explained.

The principal’s reaction was not what Swale had anticipated. Fearing the supernatural, the principal requested Swale to bring his parents to school.

He showed them a recording of the magic, claiming an evil spirit possessed him. This turn of events led to his expulsion from the school, and Swale solemnly promised his parents not to pursue magic further.

However, Swale’s passion for magic persisted, and after completing his education, he decided to pursue his dreams professionally.

Overcoming his past setbacks, he adopted the stage name “Chell the Magician” and embarked on a journey to entertain and mystify audiences with his unique talents.

Reflecting on his past, Swale said, “Magic became a passion because I found a way to fool people. It’s about creating illusions that make people question their perception of reality.”

Chell the Magician has now gained recognition for his captivating performances, dazzling audiences with his sleight of hand and mind-bending tricks. With an unwavering determination, Swale has transformed his expulsion into an opportunity for growth, proving that sometimes, magic lies in overcoming adversity and following one’s dreams.

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